As you search for meaningful fundraising opportunities – The Career Strategist™ offers non-profits the ability to purchase ‘Hunting2Hired’ at ‘Non-Profit Pricing’ and then to resell the book.  The Career Strategist™ extends ‘Non-Profit Book Pricing’ when ordering 4 or more copies of ‘Hunting2Hired.’ 

Why not promote a resource to assist your members, donors and/or congregation to obtain employment – equipping them with stability and financial security?  This opportunity benefits EVERYONE…..both the Non-Profit and their members, collectively.   

For example, this renders a perfect scenario for Churches to sell ‘Hunting2Hired’ via their on-site bookstores, via their ‘lobby’ before or after services, or via their website shopping cart. If you think about it–those who are employed, are more likely to tithe–than those who are unemployed.    

The Career Strategist™ also offers Non-Profits the option to customize ‘Hunting2Hired’ with a message from your own Non-Profit. 
Contact The Career Strategist™ NOW for non-profit pricing and COMPLIMENTARY message customization details when ordering 100 or more books.