As an Independent Bookstore or Christian Bookstore searches to add  meaningful books to their merchandise mix, ‘Hunting2Hired’ is the perfect addition! With the vast number (25 Million) of individuals throughout the United States who are currently receiving unemployment, the demand has never been higher for a book which provides the strategies, tactics and solutions for those who are unemployed or under-employed to find a worthwhile resource! Your Bookstore becomes the location where they can discover ‘Hunting2Hired’ and meet the Author, as The Career Strategist™ is available for on-site book signings throughout Ohio.      

‘Hunting2Hired’ is excellent for College Bookstores, University Bookstores or Trade Schools to offer as either required reading or supplemental reading to enhance their students ability to articulate their education, experience and talents and, in turn, obtain a position within their chosen field.    

‘Hunting2Hired’ also serves as a resource for the Career Services Department to offer and provide value to their traditional college students, adult learners, or to their alumni–as they advise, counsel and assist those who are pursuing and seeking Career advice.

The Career Strategist™ extends ‘Wholesale Book Pricing’ when ordering 4 or more copies of ‘Hunting2Hired.’  Contact The Career Strategist™ NOW for wholesale pricing and COMPLIMENTARY page customization details when ordering 100 or more books.