How to Avoid Scams While Finding Work – Part 1

Since millions of Americans are seeking jobs, there has been a recent surge in scams linked to the job search and hiring.  Some of these seem more obvious than others, but when you are trying to get back to work, you are more vulnerable–and that is what the ‘scammers’ are relying on. Keep these tips in mind so you don’t fall prey to their on-line tactics.

1) If you have to pay money for a job application or if you have to provide access to your bank account in order to apply–WALK AWAY.  The job posting is fraudulent.

2) If you are offered ‘big bucks’ for a simple ‘gig’–you should ask yourself why?  Jobs that do not required much effort, or skills, or previous experience aren’t likely to make you rich.  If they claim otherwise, it is most likely to be a scam.

3) An on-the-spot job offer is a red flag.  Legitimate companies will want to talk with you before they hire you!  Don’t pay for the promise of a job, and be careful of the overpayment scam where you ‘mistakenly’ get a check too soon, then are asked to return the overpayment in the form of a gift card or wire transfer.

4) Be cautious of job opportunities offered by individuals you do not know or who  approach you by email, phone or social media.  Avoid clicking on their provided links. A legitimate business will not extend an unsolicited job offer to you.

5) ‘Career Advancement Grants’ are a new scam.  It’s aimed at job seekers who are thinking of adding certifications or courses to their resumes to advance their careers.  It’s enticing to think that the government is awarding grants to pay for your certifications, but if you are asked to pay any kind of fee to apply or to receive the grant, don’t do it.  Legitimate Gants offered by the government are available on their website

Stayed tuned next week for “How to Avoid Scams While Finding Work–Part 2”

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