How to Handle Remote Positions During Your First 90-Days!

You have worked hard to research, interview and secure your new ‘remote’ position, so don’t let your guard down once you have signed the New Hire Paperwork and embark on your new position/career.  Your first 90-Days are critical as you demonstrate that you ARE the person, whom you claimed to be during the interview process!  Below are 5 tips to keep in mind as you begin to work in a ‘remote’ workplace setting.

1)  As you accept a remote position make sure that the items you take for granted–such as Internet Access, Data Security & Reliable Video/Audio Connections–are in place.  Have a service plan in place for your ‘home office’ so that when issues arise and you don’t have an IT desk to call to resolve an issue, you do have someone whom you can immediately call.

2)  Seamless virtual team engagement is critical to every business.  Each person on the team has a virtual space, and if it’s invaded, it’s a potential problem.  Not everyone will have their virtual doors open 100% of the time.  Let each person, including your supervisors, set boundaries and make sure you ask about such boundaries.

3)  Manage tangible items such as breaks, lunch, and family as you would if you were working on-site in an office environment. This mindset takes discipline and autonomy as you work and manage your schedule to be productive from home.

4)  Collaborate with your boss to ensure the following expectations are clear–work times, reoccurring meetings, potential in-office days, or required participation on designated projects.  Clarity is critical to your success!

5)  Remote working itself does not automatically improve the quality of your work or life.  Create strategies and standards which draw the line between work and home life.  Ignoring signs when you feel you’re losing control of your work environment in the first 90-days, can taint the entire experience. So, be sure to be proactive as you make decisions to balance your home office, work processes and relationships.  Create the effective remote work experience which you desire!

Stay tuned next week as we discuss The Power of Professional Associations!

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