Determine The Perfect Career for YOU

You will spend 40-50 years of your life working–so, I trust that you agree–it is best if you LOVE what you do!  To narrow down the list of Careers and subsequent companies/organizations/entities to work at–first you must determine the Career which fulfills your heart, desires and dreams!  You are the only person who can feel what ignites your internal fuel and fire, aka Passion!  

#1.  Think about and ponder the question everyone asked you when you were a child.  “What do you want to be when you grow up?” This is a fantastic place to start!  If you have already accomplished this or are pursuing this dream–congratulations!!!  Personally, when I answered this question at age 13, it was to “Own a chain of clothing stores.”  So, I am happy to share that I have been there, done that, lived that life, made a lot of money…so what’s next?”

#2.  Ask yourself, “If I no longer were a __________, what would I genuinely miss doing and/or solving every day?”

#3.  You should be able to list several reasons (other than money) as you ponder and reflect on what you would deeply miss and still long to do, if you were to give up your current career.  

#4.  If nothing comes to mind, as your response to Tip #2, then your current career is NOT your dream vocation, nor ultimate purpose in life!

#5.  Overall, you need to determine 9 Attributes which are important for you to find within the company you desire to work at.  (Note:  You work at a company and you work for people.)

#6. From the List Below of 20 Attributes**, circle 3 which are your ‘Deal-Breakers’–in other words–the attributes which are non-negotiable to you!  If they don’t possess them, you won’t work there!  

#7.  Save yourself time and effort and dismiss the pursuit of a career at organizations which are not in alignment with what is deeply-rooted within you.  Why?  Because the long-term outcome of accepting an offer–will not be a good one!  Odds are that you will be miserable, you will quit, or you will be fired.     

#8.  Circle 6 additional attributes from the list, which are important to you.  Why?  Because you will never find what you are looking for, if you don’t know what it is!

#9.  Utilize your list of attributes to stay focused on the companies you pursue and schedule interviews with.  This also assists you as you narrow down offers from multiple companies.  

#10.  The company which embodies the most attributes which you are looking for, is the company that you want to work at!  Be persistent and stay true to your values and you will find the perfect Career for Y-O-U!  

**List of 20 Attributes (alphabetical order)
(This is a suggested list to consider as you focus on the ‘big picture’ attributes versus benefits…they are two different things.)

Watch for next week’s Post:  10 Tips on “Your Professional Attributes”

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