Here is a glimmer of GOOD NEWS!!!!

Did You Know that Grants exist for INDIVIDUALS in specific industries most affected by the Pandemic. 

The Arts/Entertainment Sector has been heavily hit in Ohio with 27.4% of jobs lost when you compare Ohio Statistics–Oct 2019 (81,400 workers) to Oct 2020 (59,100 workers) It is worth researching and exploring to determine if you qualify for a Grant, regardless of the State where you reside. 

On average, the Award Amount is falling anywhere between $200 to $5,000 per Grant. Example sectors include Veterans, Hospitality/Food Service, Tipped Workers, Musicians, Artists, Authors, Playwrights, Composers, Illustrators, Journalists, Performing Arts, Jazz & Blues Performers, Theatre & Beauty Professionals. 

So contact me at 614.390.4227 and I will do the research and determine if Grants are still available in YOUR sector and in YOUR State. Don’t procrastinate–as I don’t know how long the Grant Funding will be available. This could provide some help to those who desperately need it at this time…so share the word! 

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