Your Professional Attributes

How you interact with others is critical from the initial onset of your Career Search and throughout the onboarding process. Below are 10 Tips to keep in mind–during your face-2-face interactions, phone calls, ZOOM calls, emails, and interviewing process.  Never forget that people may not remember everything you say, but they always remember how you make them feel. 

#1.  Be sure to remember names as forgetting names is an employment stumbling block.  Being personal and professional is the end result you are looking to achieve.  If you forget names it may be interpreted as lack of interest, or worse yet, indicating that the other person is not important to you.  

#2. Your demeanor is always being observed.  So be mindful of your actions and facial expressions as you are being greeted by the security guard, receptionist, or administrative assistant all the way through the interview.  Signs of being impatient or being irritated could disqualify you before you ever get started.  Be kind and courteous and never act as though you are superior to others.  

#3.  Answer the phone with tact and respect, as you never know who is on the other end.  If you don’t recognize the number–don’t assume that the caller is a telemarketer or an automated call.  Certainly, you can let the call go to voicemail, but if you do choose to answer, be mindful that your voice and tone make the first impression!

#4. Timing is everything!  What you say is important, but when you say it could prove to be more important.  Be mindful of when you bring up the topic of salary–as this is not critical until you have determined if the company culture and your values are in alignment.  If you are frustrated with any aspect of the hiring process, it matters when and who you speak with about this.  It is not wise to vent to everyone and anyone, when you don’t have all the information. 

#5. Clearly communicate in every phase of the Career Search Journey and with everyone you meet.  Be sure to finish your thoughts, use proper grammar, and speak with clarity and confidence.  As you conclude a conversation, be sure to repeat the next steps and what is expected of you in order to be prepared for the next step.  Don’t leave the interview or finish a call without clear expectations. 

#6.  Punctuality is critical when you have scheduled phone calls, ZOOM calls or face-to-face interviews.  When you are on time, it reinforces that you care about the position you are pursuing and that you are respectful of others.  Being late starts the conversation off on awkward footing and generally leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouth.  

#7.  Hold yourself accountable for follow-up.  If you are requested to take further action, make sure you do so in the timeframe discussed.  Don’t leave it up to a secretary, receptionist or administrative assistant to schedule your next interview, a facility tour, pre-employment testing, etc.  If it slips through their fingers, then initially it could be misinterpreted and be a poor reflection on you.  So stay in control–as much as possible–so there is no question about your follow-up and accountability.  

#8.  Always be inclusive with everyone in the room.  If you are simultaneously interviewing with two or more people–do not show favoritism to one person over another.  Split your eye-contact evenly and direct your comments/responses to all individuals.  This speaks miles to your inclusiveness and ability to make everyone feel welcome in the conversation.  

#9.  Be honest when discussing mistakes–as no one is perfect.  Mistakes are human and handling them with tact, grace and sincerity are keys which speak to your authenticity and professionalism.  

#10.  Simple–Treat Others as You Wish to Be Treated!

Watch for next week’s Post:  “Research Is King!”

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