Marketing Tools To Sell YOU

Simply stated, the definition of ‘Marketing’ is having the right message, in front of the right person, at the right time!  When you are in Career Transition, this ‘Marketing’ definition translates into– Having YOUR clear message, in front of the right decision maker, in order to get the right offer!’ This encompasses a bevy of tools– which you must practice and perfect–to edge out the competition.  Review the following list and determine the tools you need to sharpen, to promote YOU and YOUR BRAND!    

1)  Purpose–Know what motivates you and WHY you do, WHAT you do.  This must derive from within your soul and spirit–you are the only one who knows what drives you and fuels your passion to work and contribute to the workplace and society.  

2)  Elevator Pitch–
Practice and perfect the value you create and bring to employers.  Create a 30-second and 60-second Pitch!  How do you know if your pitch is ‘good’?  If the response is either “Tell Me More” or “How Do You Do That?”  

3)  Storytelling–
Have several stories top of mind that you are able to share which demonstrate the value you create and bring to employers.  You must be prepared to respond to “Tell Me More” or answer “How Do You Do That?” with a memorable story!

4)  Contact Cards–
Digital or Card Version–YOU MUST HAVE one!  I call it a Contact Card versus a Business Card, with the main point being–you must make it EASY for someone to remember you and contact you!   If you don’t provide your contact information– you are trusting that three things will happen–which, I am confident will NOT happen!  First–they will REMEMBER meeting you!  Second–they will REMEMBER what you are looking for and how they can help you!  Third–they will REMEMBER how to properly spell your First & Last Name and then TAKE THE TIME to try to find you!  So, instead, have your contact information available and be prepared so you overcome these hurdles right out of the gate!  

5) Contact Card Details–
Here is what to include to keep your card professional.  A professional email for your career-search journey, preferably a gmail or outlook account.  I do not recommend an email account hosted,, or–as these are ‘dated’ email platforms, and may denote a specific age group.   Include your phone number, so others can call or text you.  Also include your LinkedIn URL.  On the back of the card, list company culture attributes which are important to you.  Another suggestion is to list Non-Profits or Foundations you support.  This is easy to do by stating, “Proud To Support…….”  This simple list assists in creating a REAL Connection between you and other human beings. 

6) LinkedIn Posts–
Keep your posts informative and helpful to others.  Avoid posts which could be perceived as controversial. Your professional LinkedIn page reflects (demonstrates) how you interact with others.  If your posts are encouraging, inspirational, supportive or helpful to others, then a potential employer will conclude this is the manner in which you will interact with others in the workplace–goes back to the brand you are creating for yourself.    

7)  LinkedIn Profile–
This branding tool must be complete and professional. Instead of utilizing the URL which is generated for you–with the lengthy string of numbers at the end of your name–customize your LinkedIn public profile URL with simply, your name.  If you have a common name you may need to add a number at the end. This is much easier to remember and more professional than the automatically generated sequence of numbers. A professional headshot is critical, do NOT utilize the picture of you with your arm around ‘your significant other’ –who is then cropped out, NOR utilize a photo you would associate with a dating site.  Be sure to update your profile with your Volunteer Activity, Interests, Associations, Awards & Certifications, in addition to your Experience & Education.  

Your ABOUT ME section on your LinkedIn Profile is critical and I will share 10 Tips When Writing About Yourself in Next Week’s Blog!

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