How to Show-Up During Your First 90-Days!

You have worked hard to research, interview and secure your new position, so don’t let your guard down once you have signed the New Hire Paperwork and embark on your new position/new career.  Your first 90-Days are critical as you demonstrate that you ARE the person, whom you claimed to be during the interview process!  Below are 5 tips to keep in mind as you begin to work in an ‘office’ setting.

1)  WOW your employer with your resilience.  As learning curves are thrown your way, navigate any challenges and overcome fears.  Show how you work through obstacles without complaining!

2)  WOW your employer with your diversity & communication skills.  Engaging with co-workers with different types of thinking and from various backgrounds demonstrates your positive communication skills.  Remember that HOW you say something is just as important as WHAT you say!

3) WOW your employer with your consultant mindset.  As you work to solve problems, use your consultant mindset to see where the source of the problem is.  Instead of pointing fingers and seeking someone to blame, use your energy to SOLVE a problem!

4) WOW your employer with your agility.  Companies are spending millions of dollars to make work-life easier and to increase profitability. Demonstrate enthusiasm and the ability to toggle between various forms of technology. REALLY add value if you can show others how to make the transition, too!

5) WOW your employer with accepting constructive feedback.  Although constructive feedback may be tough to swallow, thank people for their critiques.  Doing so, will build goodwill and show others that you are a team-player and serious about what you do and how you go about getting the job done!

Stay tuned next week as we delve into “How to Handle Remote Positions During Your First 90-Days”

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