Tips on Virtual Interviewing

When you think of interviewing–keep in mind the philosophy of the ‘Home Court Advantage’–and how you fall prey to the Interviewer having the upper-hand!  What do I mean by the ‘Home Court Advantage’–it is the Advantage that the Interviewer typically has when conducting in-person interviews–as that scenario usually occurs on ‘their turf’ or in ‘their office’ with you being a visitor in their space!  But, with the necessity of Virtual Interviews–the playing field has been leveled, as you are meeting on neutral ground!  Read on for critical tips to ensure virtual interviews are less stressful and more successful.

1) Log into the meeting link early (about 10 minutes BEFORE you are to begin) allowing you to have ample time to correct issues–invalid link OR your video, sound or connection not working properly.

2) Agree on ‘Plan B’ ahead of time, if either party is unable to connect.

3) If the interviewer does not already suggest an interview time at the quarter hour, versus the top/bottom of the hour, when everyone else in America is starting their Virtual Meetings, you could make that suggestion.  Why? Because, you are already demonstrating that you are a ‘thinker’ and are ‘pro-active.’

4) Be sure to forewarn your spouse and children of your VITRUAL Interview and let them know that you are not to be disturbed.  Have your family HELP by understanding that they are ‘in charge’ of keeping pets out of the room and from making any distracting noises.

5) Do NOT sit directly in front of a bright window, as that will cause glare.  Make sure to close the window blinds or curtains behind you.  Before you log into the ‘interview session’ be sure to see how you ‘show up’ on the screen.  Be mindful of not only the glare, but what is visible in the background.

6) If possible, set up in a room that HAS carpet and curtains to minimize the echo that the audio may pick-up when you are speaking from a room in your home that has hardwood floors and no window treatments.

7) Elevate your desktop or laptop on a stack of books, so that you are looking ‘eye to eye’ as you would in a typical face-2-face interview setting.  Otherwise, your eye contact (or lack of) could be interpreted incorrectly.

8) If you are interviewing for a ‘remote’ position, a virtual interview will provide an indication of whether or not you have the capability and presence to communicate effectively with superiors, colleagues or when leading others.

Stay tuned next week…..Determining Personas–YOURS and THE INTERVIEWERS!

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