Determining Personas — YOURS and THE INTERVIEWERS!

Let me reference a line from the movie, ‘What Women Want’ to illustrate the concept of speaking another person’s language!  Bette Midler plays a counselor, who says, “If Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus and you speak ‘Venution’–then you are the luckiest man on earth.  Nick Marshall you can rule the world!”  The parallel point being, if you can communicate in an effective manner and speak the other person’s language, then during the Interview scenario, you can obtain any position which you desire–and believe that you deserve.  Now, that is a fantastic realization!!!  Read on to learn about ‘communication personas.’

1)  Understand there are 4 ‘communication personas’–so FIRST understand which one YOU fall within.

2)  Each personality assessment names them differently–so for the sake of this blog we will reference The Dr. Tony Alessandra Model.  This assessment tool refers to the styles as Relator–Analyzer–Driver–Initiator. (Source:  Relationship Strategies, Dr. Tony Alessandra)

3)  Of the 4 Personas–one is NOT BETTER than another, as each of us possess all four of the personas, but to different degrees.

4)  One persona is our most dominate.  So what you must realize during the interview process is that your ability to recognize and adapt your ‘language’ to the ‘language’ of the Interviewer is monumental.

5)  Does that mean you change WHO you are?  Absolutely not, but you must be able to communicate effectively with the person(s) you are selling yourself to during the interview.

6)  When you are interviewing in THIER office, commonly known as the Home Court Advantage, which I referred to in last week’s blog; but, when this setting is utilized properly, you can shift it to YOUR Advantage.

7)  How?  It allows you to scan their office and determine CLUES to THEIR PERSONA before they even speak!  Amazing!!!!

8)  Understanding what pictures of their family on their desk and in their bookcase represents–is extremely helpful in determining their persona.

9)  Do they proudly have business awards, certifications, degrees along with pictures of THEMSELVES golfing, skiing, boating displayed throughout their office? What does that mean?

10) Is their desk neat and tidy with a specific place for everything? What does that indicate?

11) Do you notice color themes in their office of Red, Green, Blue or Yellow? How is this a clue to their persona?

These are all indicators of their personality traits, as well as, their dominate persona.  So, the ability to speak ‘Venution’ and to communicate effectively in THIER language will prove to be worthwhile–wouldn’t you agree?

Stay tuned next week–as we delve into the ‘Relator’ and discuss Highest Value, Motivators, Stress Behaviors, Fears, How They Operate with Others & Their Mode of Operation.

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