Meet “The Analyzer”

As we determine the best way to approach an Interviewer–who is an ‘Analyzer’–we need to be sure to understand their Highest Value, Motivator, Stress Behavior, Fear, How They Operate with Others & Their Mode of Operation.  Read on–so you discover what you need to know about those who have the dominate persona of an ‘Analyzer.’

Generally speaking–2 examples of Careers which embody a dominate ‘Analyzer’ persona are Engineers & CPA’s.  Below is a brief list of characteristics which typically fall within this persona.  By knowing this, you can understand how to communicate more effectively and to speak their language–not only through actual words, but in your tone and body language.  Use this to your advantage as you interview for Careers such as Engineering, Finance & Accounting  Positions OR whenever you determine that an Interviewer is an  ‘Analyzer.’

1.  Communication Language:  Passive–Indirect–Task Centered

2.  Highest Value:  Details–Needs to be Right

3.  Motivator:  Accuracy–Do The Right Thing

4.  Stress Behavior:  Withdraw–Leave Me Alone

5.  Fears:  Being Wrong

6.  Operates with Others:  Works Alone, I Know What’s Right, Leave Me Alone to Work, Needs to be Correct, Takes Time to Decide

7.  Mode of Operation:  Focuses on the Task and Do It Right–No Matter How Long It Takes

8.  Is Compliant–Their ‘Color’ Tends to be Blue

9.  Sterile Office Environment–Organized–A Place for Everything

Stay tuned next week–as we take a look at the persona of an ‘Initiator’.

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